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Alinea’s Valentine’s Day Dinner

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special, 5-course tasting menu from Alinea.

  • Osetra Caviar: Passionfruit, Ginger, Champagne
  • Smoked Squash Soup: Yellow Curry, Crab, Coconut
  • Diver Scallops: Perigord Black Truffle, Onion Ring, Orzo
  • Ribeye of American Beef: Wild Mushroom Tart, Cherry Bordelaise, Parsnips
  • Dessert on Your Table: Milk Chocolate, Roses, Raspberry, Lychee

Alinea’s Mardi Gras Party Dinner

Throw a Mardi Gras celebration and indulge with a 4-course menu featuring turtle soup, BBQ shrimp, Kurobuta pork butt jambalaya, and of course, King cake.

Past Events

Alinea’s Super Bowl Tailgate

A deliciously snackable Super Bowl Sunday Tailgate feast from Alinea!

Alinea New Year’s Feast

A fun & delicious, 5-course tasting menu! Our Alinea magic in your home as we bid farewell to 2020, a most challenging year.

Alinea Christmas Feast

Celebrating the 2020 holiday season with a special dinner from The Alinea Group! A feast of Alinea Pilcrow Poultry Pie, comforting winter sides and an (almost) traditional Yule Log Cake.

Alinea Thanksgiving Feast

Alinea’s Thanksgiving Feast To Go: turkey with all the sides, gravy, and desserts prepared at Alinea.  Check out our Owner’s Manual and instructional videos here!